• We Got Married!!

Wedding Party

Our wedding party is an amazing collection of people who are very close to our hearts. These friends, brothers, and moms have shaped our lives. They’ve helped both of us grow into the men we are, and they have extended their love, support, and friendship to this wonderful relationship we continue to grow into. These are the people who guide us, comfort us, encourage us, and push us to be the best selves that we can be for ourselves, and for each other.

These are the people who mean the world to us. These are the people we are so very proud, and immensely grateful to have with us as we embark on this exciting journey together. This is our wedding party.

Rina Barrientos

Rina BarrientosRina has always been a constant source of hope, joy, and happiness in Juan’s life. Her guidance as a mother has made a lasting impression, and has been crucial in helping Juan grow into the man he is today. She has been a beacon of stability, always there through good times and bad, and Juan could not imagine a wedding without her.

From the first time she met Jon, Rina welcomed him with open arms. She encouraged their relationship, and her advice and support has been invaluable to both Jon and Juan. This wedding is a testament to the love, support, and guidance Rina has given unconditionally to both the grooms.

Benjamin Baio

Benjamin Baio - Juan's Best ManBest Man doesn’t quite capture the place that Benjamin holds in Juan’s life. Ben has been there with Juan through everything, from deep sadness, to joyous occasions. Juan knows that Ben is a gift from God, bringing happiness and love, and is grateful to have Benjamin by his side at his wedding.

John Gunawan

jgunawanJuan is especially thankful for John’s friendship. John has been a loyal friend, one of those friends who is definitely a lifelong friend. John has always been there when Juan needed him, always bringing a smile, a hug, or simply good company and a listening ear. Juan is very grateful to have John with him for this special occasion.

Lilia Fifield

Lilia FifieldPageants brought Lili and Juan together, but friendship and caring for each others kept them close through the years. She is a voice of wisdom that Juan counts on he needs advice because she will always have his best interests at heart.

Elisa Duran

Elisa DuranSome people believe in love at first sight, but Juan and Elisa found friendship at first sight. From the first moment they met, they have shared a special bond that has kept their friendship alive over time and across distance. There’s never a dull moment when they are together.

Joshua Neubauer

Josh Neubauer - Jon's Best ManJosh isn’t just Jon’s best man, he’s an incredible brother, best friend, confidant, and partner in crime. Jon and Josh have been through a lot together, which has forged their strong relationship. Josh has always been an incredible support for Jon, and it is an honor to have him as a brother, friend, and best man.

Catherine Rice

Catherine RiceCate is a special friend to both Juan and Jon. The three of them met through an online Facebook group, and quickly became close friends. Most people don’t know this, but Cate is the one who encouraged both Jon and Juan to connect with each other. The grooms are very excited to have Cate with them on their wedding day!

Mario Enriquez

Mario AlvarezMario is one of Jon’s oldest friends, and has been a very close friend over the years. Mario has been a close source of support for Jon, and their friendship grew through shared adventures and travels in countries like Germany, Guatemala, and India. Jon couldn’t imagine getting married without Mario by his side.

Joseph Neubauer

Joe NeubauerThey say that nothing is stronger than brothers together. This definitely holds true for Jon and Joseph. Joe has always been a strong support for Jon, and combined with Josh the three of them will tackle anything. Jon is incredibly happy to have both of his brothers standing with him as he gets married.